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You should be following Tatiana Rose on Instagram and here is why

Australian makeup artist and photographer Tatiana Rose speaks to Giovanna Gama about her career, inspirations and favourite products
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Self-portrait (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

Born and based in Sydney, Tatiana Rose uses her Instagram (@tatianaroseart) to share her work and connect with likeminded people about art, makeup and creativity. Her most-loved looks feature matte eyeshadows, glossy lips and baby doll lashes, but you can also find the kind of glitter-drenched temples and eyelids, and bouncy curls that make us think of Studio 54 at its peak. In short, if you enjoy retro beauty and beautiful makeup photography then Rose is the person to follow. With all the time differences and her busy schedule, I have spoken to her through email to get to know a bit more about the beginning of her career and what inspires her vintage looking images on her social media page.

Very typical first question, but how did you get into makeup?

I knew I wanted to pursue makeup when I was 16 or 17, but I have always loved it since I was little – I just never put it together that it could be my career. Both my parents worked in show business. My dad was a professional juggler, and my mum a dancer and showgirl, so I would always be around makeup and costumes. It definitely made me love it because of the transformative aspect of it where you can create a whole new side of someone that is still completely them. Seeing the way it can make people feel, whether it's a look on them personally or just a look they see on someone else and love, is the best feeling ever.

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The clown (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

The showgirl (Photo: Tatiana Rose/Instagram)

How would you describe your beauty style in three words?

Nostalgic, vibrant and undone.

Your Instagram has quite a signature aesthetic with influences of disco, pinup and icons of the silver screen, you can definitely see an homage to the analogue glamour of the 1960s and 1970s. What is the process when you are deciding what to create and post?

I have always been super fascinated with old shows and film production. The way they use costumes and makeup to create a character and the perfect mood is so inspiring. For as long as I can remember, I have been more inspired by past eras – they hold such a timeless quality and so much glamour. My obsession with disco started when I was younger, and it has been a time in fashion that I thought was so cool, so I love to incorporate it into my work now, both through the makeup and the photography.

You have built a following of 250 thousand people on Instagram. How has that affected you career?

It started out as a space for me to just place all these looks I had created in my spare time and to find people who felt the same and had the same passion – which I did. Once it started turning into something I could do as a career, it definitely started opening doors. I have met and worked with brands and people I did not think I ever would, so it is incredible.

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The 1960s (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

What are some memorable moments in your career so far?

That is so hard! I have had amazing opportunities, but if I do have to pick I would say creating makeup looks and images for Sephora, KKW Beauty, MECCA (specifically NARS Cosmetics, Urban Decay and Shiseido) and Ardell Lashes. Still too many moments, is it not? I am sorry, I tried to keep it short but it is very difficult!

Can you share some of your favourite products with us?

The first one is quite boring, but a sunscreen – or a tinted moisturiser with SPF, rather. A must-have for me is Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask (you have to try it if you have not!) and at the moment I am loving the Pat McGrath Labs mascara too.

How would you create a quick daytime look?

I would start by picking two or three face features that you know you love to have made up and do those first. Whether it is brows, lips and a quick liner, or just mascara and concealer. Once those main features are done, you will instantly feel more put together and will not have to spend much time on anything else.

How about a night-time look? 

I love a good glam so I will almost always add a lip on a night-time look! I change up the colour all the time; I love bright or vampy reds, and deep rosy pinks mainly. I would suggest going with more long-lasting formulas in that case. For extra glam I like to pop on a pair of lashes, it definitely elevates the look and makes it much more dramatic.

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Close up of glitter glam (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

Self-portrait (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

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Experimenting with colour and texture (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

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Self-portrait (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

You are not afraid to play with colours and textures when creating the looks for your Instagram. What is something you hope people – whether professional makeup artists or makeup lovers and consumers – will try?

Colour! Playing around by adding one shade across the entire lid or as liner. Different blush colours – coloured lashes! There are so many ways to experiment with colour in a subtle or exaggerated way. I think people have started to step out of their comfort zones and let go a bit of the neutrals, but I hope they try different shapes, shades and textures. Let their minds be as creative as they can get.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out their makeup career?

Beauty is a personal thing, but creating beauty to me is using what you have to enhance or even create new styles that are still a part of your own self. I would say do not be afraid to experiment and put your work out there, connect with people online and share your art. You never know who is going to be looking at your images and profiles.

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KKW Beauty (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

Dewy textures (Photo: Tatiana Rose)

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